Style Description - Photojournalistic approach but I also incorporates fun portraits that involve posing. I also use highly skilled photo editing techniques to achieve a top level product.


All photos are completely edited for color, contrast, sharpness, white balance, and are cropped. I call that my standard edit. Premium edits receive a second level of editing to make you and the photo perfect.

Premium edits receive a variety of different enhancing techniques such as:

+  Blemish removal
+  Sweat and Shine reduction
+  Whiten teeth
+ Smooth out skin
+ Remove distractions in photos

I also offer a variety of different color treatments for each client's taste. All photos are delivered in full color and then some photos are duplicated with color treatments preformed to them so you will have 2-3 different versions of some photos. Some styles I offer are:

+ Black and White
+ Sepia
+ Vintage
+ Duo tones